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To help you achieve your desired stairs with as little fuss as possible, Replacing a staircase is a big undertaking and requires a lot of organisation and control. Getting the stairs designed and drawn, is a large part of getting the job carried out with the minimum fuss and the most accuracy.

The stairs and associated work is not a one man job or even a one trade job. This will require a number of teams and tradesmen, working together to achieve the desired outcome.

Anyone that has been involved in the process of designing and fitting a new staircase will know the pitfalls of not getting things right from the start. The cost to correct problems once underway can increase the over all cost of the stairs quite dramatically, along with this, the delay to other trades working around the stair area or requiring access to different floors is affected.

The stairs are the main spine of the building, all the time they are out of commission it slows the job; as others do not have the full access of the building. timing between temporary stairs and the final staircase being fitted can change contract timings immeasurably.

A traditional handrail with perspex spindles.
Updated stairs with traditional handrail and acylic spindles.

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I have loved working on handrails and want this site to help anybody else involved in the design or manufacture of handrails. Therefore some of the file sizes will be big so you can see the detail.

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We will be writing various guides to help you with your projects. From basic design to handrail profiles and spindle patterns.  We will be discussing design criteria and guiding you through getting the design for your stairs and handrail. why not start by having a look at our feature tread design guide?

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Restored handrail and tread

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We are based in the greater London area, We will work anywhere within the U.K. from Glasgow to Guernsey. As long as we can get to you we can offer all our services with onsite visits and recommended suppliers for your project. Why not start with a look at our services page to see what we offer.

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