Stair well spacing.

A simple guide to handrail corners on straight flights with stairwell.

When working on narrow flights of stairs that are straight with a small stairwell there is a very simple way to get the handrail correct on the landing.

There are two straight forward ways of achieving this.

One is to bring the handrail to level through the turn. The other is to maintain the same pitch through the turn as through the flight.

This will make the manufacture of the handrail a lot easier when using traditional tangent handrailing, these are also probably the nicest looking of the transitions from one flight to the next. This is achieved by, the two riser faces at the landing being in line with each other. Diagram 1 riser faces.

Aligning the riser faces.

Riser faces

The easiest way to achieve this is with The center of the turn in line with the riser faces:

To go to level on the landings is to use the going as the Diameter of the turn. Diagram 2 – handrail Level in turn. Over the top you can see the stretch out of the turn.

Keeping the handrail level over the landing.

Handrail level in turn

To run at the same pitch through the turn is to use ½ the going as the diameter of the turn. Diagram 3- handrail pitch in turn. Over the top you can see the stretch out of the turn.

Handrail at pitch through turn.

Handrail pitch in turn.

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