Design from scratch.

We are currently working on a project in West Kensington. This is a property consisting of 5 floors.  Structured London the  main contractor, who we have worked on a number of previuos jobs with, asked us to get involved from the offset.

We had basic plans and from the architect and a design intent from the client. Working with Structered London and the client we have designed the stairs to suit. The tender stage is complete and we have chosen the manufacturer to construct and install the stairs.

The stairs are due to be fitted early in the new year, we will keep you posted on their progress.

Remodelling service.

Maida vale.

When we first looked at this the client was going to rip the handrail out and replace it, the handrail was such a lovely example of the traditional handrail we kept it. We revived it to its former glory, then we removed all the original nosings and spindles and fitted new nosings on top of the treads, while maintaining the handrail position, to take the new perspex spindles. The result was quite stunning.

The birth of a staircase.

Concept to carpet.

The 5 steps to a good staircase.

  1. Design concept - pick your look and materials.
  2. Technical - Draw the stairs ready for manufacture.
  3. Produce - Find manufacturers for the parts.
  4. Installation - Find the installation teams.
  5. Finishing - Plastering, painting, polishing.