Full design.

From Start to finish.

During the design stage we will discover the style of staircase you are trying to achieve, from here we will show you handrail profiles, spindle designs, stinger and tread designs. Not sure what I am talking about? We will expain to you the staircase termonology. making sure you are confident in what you are going to get.

You will get 3D visuals to see what the stairs will look like once they have been made. this takes the risk out getting something you are not expecting.


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Transform old to new.

Let us guide you Through your staircase updating.

With the correct knowledge of how the stairs work you can change facets of them without disturbing the underlying structure. We have modified older stairs to give a fresh new look. This can include

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Are you involved in a restoration project? We can assist you with the traditional geometry that would have been used to create the parts you are going to replace or restore. Most parts would have been produced using the same principles.

When possible we use modern day equipment to get the an idea of the original component if still available and then use traditional geometry to recreate the

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Just some of what we do.

We will work closely with all the associated teams and trades, guiding each person through each step of the process to make sure the job runs smoothly. Starting with the design and samples, through to working with the manufacturers and site contractors, so every one knows what is expected of them and when.

This helps with getting the site ready for fitting the stairs and handrail then organising the trades that work around the staircase installation.

Down and dirty!

Having been a staircase and handrail manufacturer and fitter, should anyone get stuck along the way we are can be there to give hands on advise and help. We do not depend on others to resolve the issues. We will give clear guidance, sometimes this means getting down and dirty showing you/them how it can be done .

The stairs supported on bricks while a new feature tread is fitted.

Next Steps...

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